Oncology Medications

Globocan estimates cancer is responsible for 72,000 deaths in Nigeria every year, with an estimated 102,000 new cases of cancer annually. Also particularly challenging from the report from Globocan in 2012 is the mortality incidence ratio of cancer for Nigeria when compared to other nations, e.g. while in America, 19% of all breast cancer cases result in death, this percentage is 51% in Nigeria, triple the rate seen in the US. Due to the incredible complexity in the Medications used for cancer treatment, we offer education and support as well as world class therapies at Oceanpoint Pharmaceuticals. We provide the latest most advance drugs for different kinds of cancer.

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Intravenous Antibiotics

A systematic review of the prevalence, trend and anti microbial susceptibility of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus in Nigeria was published in the Journal of Infection and Public health, Volume 11, Issue 6. The result of the review stated that the overall prevalence of MRSA infection increased from 18.3% in 2009 to 42.3% in 2013. The review concluded that prevalence of MRSA infection in Nigeria is rising, albeit regional variations. Non-susceptibility to commonly prescribed, orally available and inexpensive antibiotics was high. Oceanpoint Pharmaceuticals prepare intravenous Antibiotics in sterile environment, and most of them are dose specific, based on clinical function of the patient.

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Intravenous Nutrition

In an article published in the African Journal of Paedratic Surgery (Ajps, 01, April 2018, 15(2): 84-87) tittled “Presentation and outcome of treatment of jejunoileal atresia in Nigeria,” author by Sholadoye TT, Mshelbwala PM and Ameh EA, it was concluded that intestinal atresia is still associated with unacceptably high morbidity and mortality due to late presentation and lack of neonatal intensive care service and parenteral nutrition support. Oceanpoint Pharmaceuticals operates a Total Parenteral Nutrition hospital support service second to none in Nigeria. We prevent contamination, avoid infection, always utilize our sterile room, perform fingertip testing on a weekly basis and many other test to ensure drug quality is always optimal and international security act is adhered to always. Our delivery plan is also designed to accommodate different interests.

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Oceanpoint Pharmaceuticals

compounds Medications, sells all types of prescription drugs and medical equipments, as well as beauty products and cosmetics. We make drugs prescribed by doctors for specific patients with needs that can not be met by commercial available drugs.

The challenges facing compounding pharmacies in Nigeria, such as lack of formulary extemporaneous formulation, inadequate manpower, absence of electronic documentation, facilities and funding have been addressed by our team and panthers. The chief pharmacist that leads our team has practiced pharmacy for over 27 years in different settings, retail, hospital, compounding in various facilities and companies in the United States of America. And he has a wealth of professional and managerial experience required.

The provision of the highest quality of value based health care solutions for every patient in every condition is our objective always.

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